New Collaboration, New Horizons

The start of the new year means new collaborations and research in the Air Sea Interaction Laboratory!

The ORB Lab's APEX float.

APEX float released in December 2012 in the Drake Passage.

Lab Director, Dr. Fabrice Veron, and Research Assistant/Physical Ocean Science and Engineering Ph.D. Student, Alex Davies,  are teaming-up with Dr. Matt Oliver and researchers in the Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing, and Biogeography Lab (ORB Lab) here at the University of Delaware.  The research goal of this exciting new collaboration is to further quantifying the dependence of upper ocean stability on chlorophyll distributions, with an emphasis on the Southern Ocean.

As a means of studying such a remote location, ORB Lab supporter and marine science enthusiast Charles Robertson has generously contributed an autonomous profiling explorer (APEX) float which was deployed in the Drake Passage during December 2012.  The Drake Passage is between the tip of South American and Antarctic.   This particular float is equipped with a full suite of oxygen and biomass sensors, making the second of its kind in the Southern Ocean and opening the research window to a truly unique data set.

For more information on this float and the project, please read this UDaily article by Teresa Messmore.


Article by: Alex Davies


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